Partnership Resources, Inc. - Current Services


To be eligible for services from PRI, the perspective applicant:

  • Has a primary diagnosis of a cognitive disability and related conditions
  • May have secondary handicapping conditions
  • Is 21 years of age or older; an exception is made to assist with "transition services"
  • Is referred through Hennepin County case management

If you have any questions regarding intake, contact Terri Bauernfeind by phone or email

Partnership Resources offers services in a variety of settings, supporting a wide range of outcomes

Whether your focus is vocational, leisure, senior, or a combination, Partnership Resources will work to meet your needs. Integral to all services offered at Partnership Resources are the key components of planning, support, and evaluation. A person-centered approach is utilized ensuring that an individual's interests and needs guide programming.

Below are brief descriptions of some of the program opportunities currently available at Partnership Resources, Inc. These are meant only as a sampling of the programs PRI offers, not an exclusive listing. Because services are tailored to the individual, please contact Partnership Resources to see if we can meet your needs.

Supported Employment

Leisure Programs

Partnership Resources seeks to build leisure opportunities in the community that allows clients to meet other people with similar interests and make new friends. Common interests include aerobics, ceramics, water color painting, books, and other leisure pursuits.

Within leisure programs at Partnership Resources are also ample opportunities to do volunteer or community service work. Volunteer work provides an outlet for those clients who are not interested in employment options but do want to contribute to the community and earn the respect that performing community service offers. It is also a way for people with disabilities to connect with non-disabled community members in a natural setting while sharing a common purpose that helps to build relationships.

Senior Programs

The senior initiative began with the simple recognition that the needs of seniors differ from people in supported employment. Seniors face issues associated with aging and transitioning from work to pursuing other interests. Partnership Resources' staff provide daily support to help the transition to retirement smooth while focusing on providing choices that are reflective of the individual's interests, needs, and preferences. It is exciting to see seniors making a successful transition and pursuing their interests.

For More Information, Contact:

Terri Bauernfied
Program Director
1069 10th Avenue SE
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55414