Frequently Asked Art Questions

We’re sure that you have questions about our art services, please look below for answers to frequently asked questions.

A person with:

  1. A strong desire to be in art class.
  2. A commitment to attending their art class each week and choosing their art class time over an outing.
  3. A motivation to work on a project that extends over multiple class periods.
  4. An openness to receiving input and/or suggestions from art teacher and explore new mediums.
  5. A focus to work independently for short periods of time (at least 10 minutes).
Art-related activities are present in various forms throughout PRI programs. Classroom activities such as decorating a bulletin board allow for personal expression and contribution, encouraging individuals to personalize and take pride in their spaces. Formal classes such as Collaborative Art offer a structured opportunity for individuals to engage in creativity. Sketching during transition times encourages independence and self-expression. Classes such as Vinyl and Music Studies offer the discovery of the art of music. We also offer artist-in-residence series and art experiences through grant funded community partnerships.

Yes, you do need to be a client of PRI to participate in our arts programs, connect with us to learn more about becoming a client.

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Yes!  Depending upon your employment schedule, this may be an option for you.

For more information contact:
Kalina Spielbauer, Senior Director of Program Services