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At PRI we believe the creative arts add value to an individual’s unique journey. Arts engagement is interwoven throughout our program to empower all in their personal growth, goal attainment, and joyful living!

Art Partnerships

Opportunities to connect and collaborate with our community through the arts.

Arts engagement impacts all parts of a person’s life:

  • Enhance work-related performance
  • Enhance the plasticity of the brain
  • Boost brain function and improve recall of personal memories
  • Improve fine motor skills
  • Help restore people’s well-being and reduce anxiety and depression
  • Gives a voice to those who no longer feel able to speak and a sense of control to those who feel powerless

“When I get angry, making art helps me feel better. I’m happier when I make art. It’s amazing. Art’s my thing!”

-Danielle A.

“I can’t believe how much I’ve grown as an artist since I began doing art at PRI! It’s relaxing to me because when I’m painting, I don’t think about anything else.”

-Tammy W.

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For more information contact:
Kalina Spielbauer, Senior Director of Program Services