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We are Stronger, Together!

Dear Friends…

Thank you for your incredible support in 2020! You helped PRI through a challenging and critical time, including a temporary closure and the continuing careful reopening of in-person and virtual services. Together, during this past year, we faced the unknown, encountering challenges never seen before. Through this, we discovered strengths that we did not know we had, accomplishing things we never thought we would.

As we continue to rebuild inclusive community-based services, we are inspired and driven by the strength that our clients possess while facing unbelievable challenges every day. This strength, coupled with essential services from PRI, opens doors to pursue and achieve dreams. Armed with the strength of our clients, our partners, and all our supporters, PRI is launching the We are strong, we belong! campaign to support our mission of creating partnerships between people with disabilities and the community during the pandemic.

Together, with your commitment, We are strong, we belong! will further strengthen the foundation of PRI as we rebuild and innovate services, striving to reach all of our clients. Despite quickly reimagining our services during the pandemic, many of the individuals we serve are unable to fully return to services due to health vulnerabilities and safety requirements. With overall service revenues at 50% less than pre-COVID, it remains a priority to raise funds to support the costs associated with recovery and resuming services for all.

Your contribution to We belong, we are strong! will support PRI as we help all clients take their rightful place in the community, adding value and diversity within the ongoing effects of the pandemic.

This includes PRI’s work to:

  • Return to a six-hour programming day

  • Resume safe community-based activities that promote inclusion

  • Enhance services with trusted community partners

  • Rebuild arts and creative expression opportunities

  • Expand Employment Development Services to get clients back to work in the community

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What have we learned so far during this difficult time?

While all of us continue to navigate the impacts of the pandemic, there is an opportunity to challenge our perspectives and misconceptions; to grow beyond what is comfortable; and to look within to find how we want to make an impact in a changed world. Through supporting this campaign, we invite you to learn, celebrate, and share in the strengths of the individuals with disabilities we serve, while making a difference in people’s lives and in your community.

Thank you for your commitment and continued support.
We all belong, and we are all stronger, together.

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