Thanks to over 80 generous donors, including two matches
from our community partners MartinPatrick3 and The Graves Family…

We have SURPASSED our Give to the Max Day 2019 goal
with a total of $15,720!

Thank you to ALL who donated to Partnership Resources, Inc. in November
for Give to the Max Day 2019.

This year funds raised during our Give to the Max Day campaign supported PRI’s transportation costs across the agency, ensuring every individual served can fully participate in community and employment opportunities. Supporting transportation means community inclusion for individuals at every ability and involvement in work, the arts, volunteering, and health and wellness. Because they can’t get THERE, if they can’t GET there!


What if the ONLY thing limiting your potential
was a RIDE?

Transportation for PRI clients means:

  • Community Connections

  • Involvement

  • Inclusion

They can’t get there, if they can’t get there!

Your donation, of any amount, will drive PRI’s mission to create partnerships between adults with disabilities and the community. The individuals we serve are just like you…they are creative, they have the desire to work, they give back to the community through volunteering, they have interests and unlimited potential, but they can’t reach that potential without a ride.

Transportation vans are critical so PRI clients can:

  • WORK at various locations throughout the metro, and at job trials to get valuable experience
  • VOLUNTEER in the community – including Arc Value Village, Gigi’s Playhouse, MS Society, Fort Snelling, Feed My Starving Children and so many other opportunities
  • PERFORM in concerts as members of the Glee Club at MacPhail Center for Music
  • CHOOSE to participate in both activities and part-time jobs by getting to work, utilizing a “half-day” van
  • EXERCISE at the YMCA and the Jewish Community Center
  • PARTICIPATE in art classes by traveling to PRI’s Art Studio in Minneapolis

What does it cost to get them there?

Monday-Friday PRI provides transportation with our half-day van to clients working at 5 different part time job sites.


$95/day = $475/week = $24,700/year

PRI contracts for an extra Studio Art Van 2 days/week so clients at the St. Louis Park site can take classes at the PRI Art Studio in Minneapolis.


$335/week = $17,420/year

Monday-Friday we provide transportation for 5 clients to go to a Job Trial.


$150/day = $750/week

Your donation of $150 will provide transportation for one individual to participate in a 5 day Job Trial!

Contracted community access vans (cultural trips, volunteering, health & wellness and more).



Your donation of $200 can provide access to a whole world of experiences!


Why it matters that we get them there…

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Glee Club at MacPhail Center for Music

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Matt and C-Pak Decorating Corporation

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The Van Driver

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Alina and
Bulk Reef Supply

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Choose to have your gift support PRI all year long!

A message from PRI Parent, Chris Klug:
As parents of a PRI client, we were happy to jump on the PRI Partners bandwagon when it was announced. And we are encouraging all those with relatives and loved ones served by PRI to do the same! Our reason is simple: our son Chan spends every weekday at PRI in St. Louis Park and hopefully, he will be there every weekday for a long, long time. The “extras” that Partnership Resources, Inc. provides is what makes it a special place and it takes regular funding through donations to ensure that those “extras” continue. A regular monthly gift of ANY size provides PRI with more certainty and stability as they budget and plan for the future.

Through PRI Partners, your monthly donation of ANY size provides PRI with stability for the future. Simply select “monthly” when making your gift to become a PRI Partner.

We’re all in this together!

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For more information about Give to the Max Day, contact:
Jennifer Crosby Zarth, Development Director

EMAIL Jennifer Crosby Zarth