Experience the difference

From your first tour inside Partnership Resources Inc., you can tell something is different. Walk through the doors and you immediately discover a inviting, supportive, and safe environment. PRI’s professional staff is some of the most well-trained our industry has to offer, and beyond their training, they are also some of the most caring.

Our Services

Partnership Resources’ philosophy on providing program services focuses on person centered planning and supports.
Programs include day services, employment, and the arts to create opportunities for discovery and growth.

Employment Services

Creating partnerships
between people with
disabilities and the
business community

Day Services

Functional skill
development, learning
through experiences,
and community inclusion

Older Adult Programs

A supportive environment
as individuals transition
into the next phase
of life

Vocational Immersion

Preparing individuals to
find rewarding, stable
employment, focusing
on work readiness

“I appreciate that Max’s daily/weekly schedule is balanced with a variety of activities and opportunities to assist him as he continues to develop into the person he is. Most importantly, Max is happy at PRI, and that speaks for itself. We are grateful and appreciative of all.”

-AnnMarie (Parent of PRI participant)

Becoming more

PRI strives to create flexibility and variety in our programming, providing opportunities and options to each of our clients. Client choice in a focus of our programs, promoting engagement and the development of independence.

Making your options more clear

We work closely with clients and their families to bring clarity when looking for the best fit program. What programming options are available? What will it cost and will it fit our budget? It is our goal to work with you, your family, and your case manager to create services that perfectly fit your unique needs.

Finding your way.

Our Vocational Immersion and Supported Employment programs work directly with local businesses, and all of our clients are paid above minimum wage. We provide transportation to and from work and employment for all ranges or ability and skill.

In our Arts Program, we focus on art with a purpose, and have an emphasis on the arts as they relate to health, brain function, and therapeutics. The combination of these physical gains and providing the creative outlet that all mediums of art represent to our clients is a PRI foundation.

Unleashing potential and opening new worlds

Every day, we’re opening new world’s in our clients that are otherwise unrealized and unleashing untapped potential. Contact us today to explore PRI and how you can join in on the impact we are making in the Twin Cities!