Where creativity lives and grows!

The Art Program of Partnership Resources Inc provides a joyful and engaging space to activate
self-expression, build confidence, and have fun creating art!

In this choice-filled
environment, individuals
are supported to:

  • Expand creativity and artistic knowledge
  • Build trust in themselves and others
  • Grow soft skills and life skills
  • Express their “voice” through art
  • Explore new mediums
  • Create personal income through art sales opportunities

The benefits of the art making experience are abundant!
The latest evidence-based findings report that
after engagement in the arts:

experienced improvement in mood and self-esteem
engaged in physical activity
ate healthier

What Does Art Mean?

“When I get angry, making art helps me feel better. I’m happier when I make art. It’s amazing, art’s my thing!”

-Danielle A.

“I can’t believe how much I’ve grown as an artist since I began doing art at PRI! It’s relaxing to me because when I’m painting, I don’t think about anything else.”

-Tammy W.

For more information contact:
Candice Simpson, Art Director