PRI’s Identity

The Partnership Resources’ logo was designed to capture the essence and spirit of our people. In every way, this logo was created to visually paint a picture of how we all thrive and grow together here at PRI.

  • The colors represent our diversity in every way, from our personal needs to our cultures to the things we aspire to.
  • The intersection of the colors in the middle honors how we come together every day as individuals to celebrate life, community, and the opportunities we share.
  • The paint strokes honor the creativity and vibrancy we see exhibited in our clients every day.

We believe in choice as a right for all people, and the ultimate demonstration of choice was illustrated in having our clients choose our final logo design. The voices of PRI clients were captured as they expressed how these new logos made them feel and which logo felt like it represented their experiences.

When you see the Partnership Resources’ logo, we hope you remember the faces and stories behind the colors and are reminded of the connections we are creating with one another in this special place. The impact is difficult to capture, but we hope this becomes an icon for what that impact means to so many in our community.