Vocational Immersion Program

Partnership Resources, Inc.’s Vocational Immersion Program (VIP) prepares individuals to find rewarding, satisfying, stable employment. To achieve this, employment exploration and development are at the forefront with daily activities that challenge and ultimately prepare individuals to take the next step into the workforce.

Virtual and in-person service options available

The Vocational Immersion Program opens doors for individuals to:

  • Focus extensively on work readiness
  • Access and explore community resources and employment options
  • Develop skills and abilities
  • Enhance social skills and interpersonal relationships
  • Foster and develop independence
  • Build and expand employment and functional skills
  • Participate in paid work opportunities

Program options include opportunities to:

Get out and explore the community on a daily basis – building connections and practicing social skills learned in class

Explore employment and develop job skills by volunteering, working, and engaging in work-preparation activities

Learn functional skills like time management while developing the social connections needed to thrive

Experience support that is person centered and offers flexibility, balance and choice

For more information or to schedule a tour contact:
Christina Ptacek, Director of Employment Advancement, at