Frequently Asked Questions

What are PRI’s mission and vision?2018-01-31T16:56:58-06:00

“Creating partnerships between people with disabilities and the community.”

We believe each person with developmental disabilities should have opportunities to contribute his or her unique gifts to the community. PRI is a resource in creating connections between the community and people with developmental disabilities.

Where is PRI located?2020-07-13T10:00:50-05:00

Partnership Resources, Inc. operates out of four locations:

  • Minneapolis: 1069 10th Avenue S.E., Minneapolis
  • St. Louis Park: 4226 Park Glen Road, St. Louis Park
  • Older Adults: 1069 10th Avenue S.E., Minneapolis
  • Vocational Immersion Program (VIP): 1200 Mendelssohn Avenue N, Suite #1, Golden Valley

Each site is wheelchair accessible and has access to public transportation. See the program services page for specific information on program offerings at each location.

Who does PRI serve?2018-02-23T17:15:21-06:00

We serve individuals with a primary diagnosis of an intellectual disability or related conditions. Individuals must be at least 21 years of age or older in order to participate in PRI’s programs; an exception is made to assist with “transition services”. See “Policy and Procedure on Admission” on our policies page for more information.

What kind of programs does PRI offer?2018-02-07T14:19:12-06:00

Supported Employment Services: person-centered supports to secure and maintain meaningful employment.

Vocational Immersion Program (VIP): prepares individuals to find rewarding, satisfying, stable employment.

Day Service Programs: engaging and supportive environments to participate in functional skill development, learning through experiences, and community inclusion.

Older Adults Program: a supportive environment as individuals transition into the next phase of life, pursue new interests and outcomes, continue to make choices, and sustain connections with the community.

Arts Programming: provides a joyful and engaging space to activate self-expression, build confidence, and have fun creating art!

I’m interested in PRI, how do I get started?2024-02-27T09:18:05-06:00

Use the contact information below to connect with a Director to find out more and/or set up a tour.

Day Services:
Mitch Gunderson-Palmer, 952-925-1404

Older Adult Programs:
Mitch Gunderson-Palmer, 952-925-1404

Vocational Immersion Programs:
Christina Ptacek, 763-205-0167

Supported Employment:
Chelsey Fugleberg, 612-331-2075

Art Programs:
Kalina Spielbauer, 952-925-1404

Who pays for these services?2018-02-01T18:52:24-06:00

The services are typically authorized by the individual’s county case manager and paid for from the person’s waiver, CDCS or county budget allocation.  Private pay is also an option.  If you do not yet have a case manager and you live in Hennepin County: Call the access and initial consultation phone number at 612- 348-4111 and select option for language preference, then 0 for Front Door

Is transportation available to take me to and from the program and/or my job?2018-02-01T18:53:05-06:00

PRI assists with the coordination of all necessary transportation.  This may include contracted van service, metro mobility and/or public transportation based on each individual’s unique situation and programming options.

How is PRI funded?2018-02-01T18:53:15-06:00

The major portion of our income is generated from program service fees.  PRI also receives some time-limited grants to support specific program services and special projects.  A portion of our income is also generated through donations and special fundraising events. 


PRI contracts transportation with outside vendors. If you need to cancel a ride or inquire on the status of a ride please contact the appropriate provider:

Northland Transportation
After Hours: 651-216-5117

Care Cab

Metro Mobility

Looking for information that is not listed here?

Connect with us to ask!



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