Employment Services

Employment Services creates partnerships between people with disabilities and the business community. Partnership Resources offers a person-centered approach to exploring, securing & supporting meaningful employment.

Virtual and in-person service options are available

Employment Services Program opens doors to:

  • Competitive Integrated Employment
  • Define and Match work skills and interests to a job
  • Prepare for job interviews, fill out job applications, complete new employee orientation
  • Secure a job with a local business
  • Be hired at minimum wage, entry level wage or higher
  • Work closely with coworkers and customers
  • On-the-job training and support by PRI Job Coach to ensure long term job retention

Program options include opportunities to:

 Explore, find and maintain work in the community while receiving the right level of support to meet each person’s unique needs and preferences.  Employment Services can be combined with Day Services as desired by the person.

For more information contact:
Chelsey Fugleberg, Director of Employment Support, at