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Our Locations


PRI contracts transportation with outside vendors.
If you need to cancel a ride or inquire on the status of a ride please contact the appropriate provider:

Northland Transportation
Main: 952-922-6876
After Hours: 651-216-5117

Care Transportation
Main: 952-933-3700
After Hours: 952-933-3700

Contemporary Transportation
Main: 612-332-2888
After Hours: 612-332-2888

Metro Mobility

For information about specific locations us the numbers below:

Minneapolis Office:
Phone: 612-331-2075
Fax: 612-331-2887

St. Louis Park Office:
Phone: 952-925-1404
Fax: 952-925-6055

Older Adult Site Office:
Phone: 952-746-6207
Fax: 952-746-6209

Vocational Immersion Program Office:
Phone: 763-205-0167

For information about specific programs connect with the appropriate contact listed below to find out more and/or set up a tour:

Day Services:
St. Louis Park:
Marc Skaug,  952-925-1404
Adam Fefferman, 612-331-2075

Older Adult Programs:
Marc Skaug, 952-925-1404

Vocational Immersion Programs:
Marijane Oquin, 763-205-0167

Supported Employment:
Terri Bauernfeind, 612-331-2075

Art Programs:
Candice Simpson, 612-331-2075

Business Partners:
Jenn Lee, 612-331-2075