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Our Stories

We have many wonderful people here, read their stories below.

David S.

David S. began with PRI Senior Site in August of 2013 and it would be an extreme overreaction to tell you he was excited to start. He was in fact very un-excited to start. David was quite shy and didn’t speak to staff or clients for weeks after he began. He would spend his days with his head down on the table – often declining his lunch and any and all activities offered to him. After a time, David would begin talking with a few of the staff, but would get upset easily and return to his quiet ways. It took well into his first year with PRI before David started to feel comfortable enough to interact with staff daily. However, the walls were beginning to crack! Staff continued to interact with David and tried different things to get him to come out of his shell. David enjoys movies and old TV shows and staff would talk with him about these and offer to let him watch some on the computer. Overtime, David began coming in with a smile on his face and excited to start his day. He would be happy about getting to tell us what he did the night before and what his plans are for the upcoming weekend. David currently enjoys sharing these stories with anyone who will listen! David loves to get out in the community on many different activities and does interact daily with his peers. His excitement shows in everything he does now and a smile crosses his face each and every day.

Alina B.

“I like my new job – busy, busy. The people at Seattle Sutton’s are good to work with – I love it!”

Supported with funds raised at the 2017 Taste of Art, Partnership Resources, Inc. clients engaged in a series of workshops termed the Power of Me through Mad Hatter Yoga. The workshops focused on various topics (Feelings/Emotions, Healthy Relationships, Bullying and Peer Pressure, Body Image and Self Worth), provided tools and ideas to use in daily life, and contained mindfulness exercises throughout.  The participants all held an active role as a member of the group, as individual expression was an expectation, and a level of trust and openness was developed each session. As different as the 8 people were, they came together each week, under the guidance of the instructor, and learned and participated as a group and as individuals.

One of the participants in the workshops (Alina B.) demonstrated some new found skills after participating in the Power of Me series. Her ability to express her needs more positively, separate her feelings of stress from the job at hand, and work more productively with her peers are outcomes of her active engagement in the Power of Me. Alina has since started a new job, and added a second job to her weekly schedule, thus applying a level of ‘mindfulness’ not observed before as she navigates new expectations, and experiences new personal growth.