Your voice really does matter and now is the time to make your voice heard on behalf of PRI and the disability community! I urge you to reach out to your legislators and tell your story as soon as possible. If you have personal contacts with legislators or staff members, now is the time to reach out.

State Action:

Now is the time to reach out to your state representatives and senators. They are planning the topics and initiatives they will be taking on when they reconvene on April 14, and it is important that they include relief for day and employment providers. Please reach out to them before Monday, April 6. You can find your legislators here:

Minnesota Legislative District Finder

Main Message when telling your story:

  • Ask Legislators to urge DHS (MN Department of Human Services) to grant emergency relief funding to support day and employment provider’s fixed costs during these closures
  • These funds are already allocated in the State budget (not new money)
  • This funding will support the minimal operations needed now to reopen essential day and employment services when it is safe to do so
  • Share your personal story of the importance of day and employment services
Federal Action:

 At the Federal level there is a fourth COVID-19 RELIEF Package being worked on. Use this link to advocate for support for disability service providers like PRI in this package.

ANCOR Amplifier

As of today, there is still no action at either the federal or state levels that provides immediate financial relief for day and employment services providers like PRI. This not only impacts the 325 individuals with disabilities we serve, but there are 26,000 adults with disabilities statewide that are also impacted. Without immediate action at both the state and federal levels, providers like PRI are at great risk of not being able to reopen after the pandemic, which would be devastating to those we serve, now and into the future.