With Wednesday’s announcement by the Governor to extend the stay at home order, the temporary suspension of services by Partnership Resources, Inc. will continue. By abiding by Federal and State guidance, we are doing our part in preventing the spread of illness, and doing our besto keep clients and employees healthy and safe. 

On behalf of PRI, I also want to thaneveryone who has adjusted to this closure and supported all of us through this. You, as an entire community connected to PRI in varying ways, continue to support usThank you for your advocacy, patience, understanding, donations, time, words, and thoughts during a tremendously challenging time for everyone. Continuing to make PRI part of your life during this time is deeply appreciated. I especially want to thank all of you who support our clients every day, helping them navigate these times, keeping them safe and healthy, and assuring everyone that we will all get through this together. Even though we are away from each other and PRI, our partnership continuesour community continues, together.  

In the upcoming weeks, please continue to visit our newly updated website homepage to stay connected and informed. There, you will find updates from us, resources to access, and opportunities to support the PRI community through action such as financial support and advocating for key legislation.  

We will monitor the situation in the weeks ahead and prepare to reopen services when it is deemed safe to do so within the context of our clients, employees, and the greater community. Through the website, and via email we will continue to keep you updated. 

Stay healthy and safe. We all look forward to seeing each other soon.  

Julie K. Zbaracki
Chief Executive Officer
Partnership Resources, Inc.