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Jenett at the Improve Group

THE IMPROVE GROUP:  In the 14 years that Jenett has been employed with the supports of PRI job coaches, she has always worked as part of a small crew.   In 2015, Jenett accepted the OFFICE ASSISTANT position working independently 5 days a week.  It is a sign of growth and maturity.  She brings enthusiasm, energy and a positive can do attitude every day to the job.

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Partnership Resources, Inc. (PRI), a local nonprofit since 1960 has a successful track record of employment in six areas of industry; Retail, Food Service, Mailroom & Courier, Recycling, Cleaning Services and Production & Packaging. PRI provides opportunities for adults with disabilities to gain respect and have a valued role in the community. Supported employment is a vocational option for adults with disabilities, a largely untapped pool of enthusiastic, reliable and hard working employees.

Business Partners:

PRI is proud to partner with 62 businesses in the Twin Cities area including:

The Hair District Salons
Contemporary Transportation
Izzy’s Ice Cream
Olive Garden Restaurant
Pet Crossing Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic
Bethesda Thrift Store
Minneapolis Veterinary Hospital
Nadia Cakes
Savers Thrift Store
Linden  Hills Co-op
Lunds & Byerlys
The Lone Grazer Creamery, LLC
The Food Building, LLC
Unique Thrift Stores
Valley Natural Foods
The Improve Group


Benefits of Hiring From PRI

There are two ways in which our services can benefit a company. First, we are cost-effective in our 6 areas of industry. In typical high turn over positions that require multiple employees performing entry level tasks, employers have reported they are not completely satisfied. Partnering with PRI, the business will see the job duties performed to consistent standards and reliably day after day. Additionally, we can potentially save on a company’s bottom line because our labor pool is loyal, and turnover is not typical.

Additional Benefits

If your skilled workers are doing other tasks that take them from the essential functions of their job, we can:

Partnership Resources will provide to the business an experienced job coach to:

For More Information, Contact:

Jennifer Lee
Employment Development Specialist
tel: 612.331.2075
cell: 651.983.7042

Dawn Muller
Employment Development Specialist
tel: 612.331.2075
cell: 612.236.3671