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Unique Features of PRI

  • Strong community orientation
  • Most clients are directly employed by the business in the community
  • Most seniors are supported in the community on a daily basis
  • A flexible program allowing for individuals to pursue a range of outcomes whether they are vocational, leisure oriented
  • Although work is a significant portion, it's not all we do; there are options for leisure and other capacity building experiences
  • Staff have a high degree of responsibility and autonomy with clients

Service Components:

Partnership Resources' services are designed to provide a bridge to the community for people with disabilities. All services contain three basic components that are available to everyone:

  • Planning: An interactive process with the client and their team members. The plan forms the basis of all other services and support. The planning process is person centered, individualized and capacity building.
  • Support: Carrying out the actions identified in the planning process. Supports are built in the most natural, least restrictive manner possible with the individual's outcomes always in the fore front.
  • Evaluation: The measurement and reporting to the team of an individual's progress towards their identified outcomes.


"Creating partnerships between people with disabilities and the community."

We believe each person with developmental disabilities has opportunities to contribute his or her unique gifts to the community. PRI is a resource in creating connections between the community and people with developmental disabilities.

Overview of Partnership Resources, Inc.:

Partnership Resources, Inc. (PRI) is licensed under the Consolidated Standards to provide day training and habilitation services. PRI currently serves approximately 235 adults with developmental disabilities with varying functioning levels. Of the 235 clients served, approximately 70% participate in full time community based activities. We believe that each person with developmental disabilities has unique talents and gifts to contribute to the community. In keeping with our mission , PRI works to provide appropriate opportunities for individuals with disabilities to play a respected and valued role in community life. Although most clients served by PRI are seeking employment, our community development efforts promote the use of community resources as the natural place for clients involved in recreation, volunteer, seniors, employment or any combination of these opportunities. No matter the outcomes sought by an individual, Partnership Resources, Inc. uses the three service components of planning, support and evaluation to ensure that the opportunities we provide are well thought out, measurable and successful. The opportunities provided are sustained, purposeful and based on client interests and outcomes.

Community Support Services:


PRI has almost 30 years experience in providing supported employment services. Employment opportunities are sought for clients based on their individual interests and abilities. One unique aspect of PRI's employment program is that the majority of clients are hired directly by the business rather than employed through sub-contract work. Employment opportunities are available in a variety of businesses and cover a wide range of skills and abilities.


Partnership Resources seeks to build leisure opportunities that connect clients to the community. This is done through seeking community based opportunities that match individual client's interests and abilities. In addition to opportunities that are purely leisure orientated, PRI also has community based opportunities for volunteerism and senior/retirement activities.

Target Population:

To be eligible for services at Partnership Resources, Inc. people must have a primary diagnosis of a cognitive disability or related conditions. The services offered by PRI do not replace services that are the statutory responsibility of a local education agency or are otherwise available from a rehabilitation agency. Client must be referred through Hennepin County Developmental Disabilities Division. Clients utilizing services generally reside in Minneapolis or the first ring of suburbs. No client is denied service based on race, religion, sex, or national origin.


Direct-care staff working in the capacity of Program and Vocational Specialists are responsible for the development and implementation of client programs. Partnership Resources works to provide a dynamic work environment where staff development and growth is as highly valued as client success. Transportation: Partnership Resources provides the use of the least restrictive form of transportation; consequently, public transportation is encouraged and training is provided. However, the majority of clients use van services contracted by PRI.


Partnership Resources, Inc. operates out of two main locations; one at 1069 10th Avenue SE in Minneapolis and the other at 4226 Park Glen Road in St. Louis Park. The St. Louis Park location also has a satellite office at 4200 Park Glen Road which houses a senior program. Both are located in office park environments. Each site is wheelchair accessible and has access to public transportation. Commercial and retail areas are a short distance from both sites.