Dear PRI Partners, 

With this post, we want to give everyone an update on where PRI is related to reopening in-person services and using virtual servicesWe received more guidance from DHS (Minnesota Department of Human Services)over the past few days. Here is what we can share at this time as we navigate these changes. 

DHS has approved limited in-person DTH (Day Training and Habilitation) services within our facilities. We can begin to provide in-person services at our sites to individuals who live with their family or in their own home. DHS has not approved these services for individuals living in group homes or licensed foster care. 

At this time, we are contacting individuals directly if they are eligible to resume in-person facility-based DTH services based on these DHS requirementsWe are having individual conversations to discuss each person’s situation and if a return to in-person services is a fit at this time. Please know that it is still a person’s choice if they desire to return to services and we will respect everyone’s choice. If you live in a family home or your own home and did not hear from us this week, please contact your PRI Program Director or Designated Coordinator. A letter communicating details is also being mailed to all clients, client homes, legal representatives, and case managers next week. Please click here to review a copy of this letter. 

In addition to resuming some in-person facility-based DTH services, we continue to provide and expand other service areas. These include virtual and in-person employment support services to clients employed in essential jobs. In addition, yesterday, DHS temporarily expanded our ability to bill for virtual services including all virtual employment services and virtual DTH services regardless of where an individual lives. This positively supports our continued expansion of virtual services. 

During this time, and for the indefinite future, we continue to update our pandemic plan and processes to meet required guidelines and the changing landscape as the pandemic progresses. As changes occur, we will continue to keep the most recent copy here. In addition to regular training and reminders about this, when there are significant changes that affect clients served, we will communicate those changes in addition to posting a revision of the plan. 

The Commissioner of DHS has added a right for persons served for the time being which highlights a person’s right to make an informed choice about if they want to receive traditional services or stay home. We have incorporated this into our Policy of Rights of Persons Served. This revised policy can be downloaded hereIf at any time you are concerned that the rights of a person are being violated please do not hesitate in reaching out to usWe also know that there may be decisions outside of PRI that may be impacting the rights of the individuals we serve. As we all navigate this changed world together, we are here as a resource. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience as the impacts on services continues to evolve. We know that changes will continue to impact our services and ultimately impact our clients. With the start to some in-person services, we are excited to see and experience more positive impacts. Please continue to reach out to us with questions. Please stay well. 

From ALL of us at PRI, we miss you and look forward to when we can see ALL of you.