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Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do so much.

~ Helen Keller

Due to the pandemic, PRI temporarily suspended services at all PRI locations on March 18.
The health and safety of our clients and employees was the driver of this decision.

Because PRI’s services are government-funded through a fee for service reimbursement model, 96 % of our revenue has stopped. Thus far, we have received no federal or state relief.

We launched Partners4Hope, a fundraising campaign, to ensure that PRI will survive this crisis. To be here now and into the future for the 325 clients we serve.

Please partner with us and donate to the Partners4Hope campaign.

As our partner, your support helps us to:

  • Cover fixed costs during closure so the doors will be wide open when clients can return
  • Supports virtual services for clients including employment and day services to maintain jobs and reduce isolation
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As part of this campaign, we’re bringing to you the voices of PRI: clients, families, employees, donors, and community partners. We want you to hear how our suspension of services is impacting them today, and what they are looking forward to when PRI can safely open its doors again.


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Recent Media Coverage of the Lack of Funding Provided:

Your gift matters now, more than ever before. We are grateful for our generous community.

Together, we can do this!

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